“Mind-blowing, sensuous and mesmerizing…audacious, authoritative and bold”
Los Angeles Times









Dance of Oneness® Monthly: December
with Tony Khalife and guest musicians
December 11, 2-4pm at MiMoDa Studio, LA

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“Spectacular and virtuosic…exuding a supernatural power”
Badische Zeitung









Dance of Oneness®:
Dancing Saaghi, the Muse, Levels 1 & 2

March 3-5 in Madrid, Spain

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“Breath-taking…startlingly beautiful”
SF Bay Guardian








Mystical Andalusia: Garden Amidst the Flames
July 9-16, Lucia Yoga, Granada & pilgrimage to Cordoba & Seville, Spain

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“Entertaining and revolutionary, both!”
Vancouver Sun



“Innovative fusing of the ancestral, the tribal, and the modern.”
El Pais, Madrid

Welcome To Banafsheh Dance Of Oneness!

A leading sacred dancer and teacher, Banafsheh presents dance as a spiritual path and science of embodiment, fusing the art of dance with wisdom teachings and healing disciplines.


Banafsheh Sayyad’s dance presentations are not performances but transmissions and initiations into mysteries of the Divine Feminine.  Banafsheh embodies what it means to dance with abandon, …more


Banafsheh teaches conscious embodiment through dance and movement to women and men around the world. Her teaching is a Body/Spirit based devotional practice that supports living, …more


Browse through the gallery section to see pictures and videos of sacred dance performances by Banafsheh and her instructional dance classes in West Los Angeles where  …more

Calendar of Events

Checkout Banafsheh’s upcoming dance performances, and other events as well as date, time and locations where her dance classes are going to be held, with online reservation …more

In The Fire of Grace DVD

Experience Rumi’s Journey of the Soul in Dance!

Banafsheh embodies Rumi’s messages, and with her contagious passion transports your soul. She dances the soul’s archetypal journey to unity with the Beloved through a whirlwind of Persian dance and spiritual Middle Eastern traditions. Like Rumi’s mystical vision, her divine feminine Sufi dance marries serene peace with the fierce, gorgeous passion of the divine. Banafsheh’s In the Fire of Grace DVD is accompanied by Andrew Harvey, teacher of mystic traditions, Rumi translator, poet and spiritual teacher, author of over 30 books, and architect of Sacred Activism.

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Banafsheh’s Training and Performance videos


It has been my dream since childhood to dance and I never found out what really appealed to me. I saw you dance on birth 2012 and know that this is what I would have wanted to learn. I am 57 years old now and it's a bit too late for that . But I have had the joy to see and really feel through you what dance really is. Thank you Banafsheh for this gift that you bring to the world.

Marie France Hennequin, Viewer
Birth 2012 Event, Agape, Los Angeles, CA

Marie France Hennequin