Dance of Oneness®

The art of dance: rigorous technique & self expression

Dance as a spiritual path

Immersing in the wisdom teachings of the Sufi Path, the Divine Feminine, and the Christ

Science of embodiment & healing

Chinese Medicine, sacred anatomy & physiology, and the Chakras

Dance Of Oneness

Dance of Oneness® is about uncovering divinity in your body, dancing your life, celebrating and becoming the living YES!

It is a sacred dance form through which you get into physical, mental and emotional health, and cultivate the intuition to live and serve from inner guidance.

Dance of Oneness® sessions range from private 1-hr sessions in person or online to 10-day workshops. The sessions are a combination of personal development, embodied spirituality and dance. They are a balance between structured and free-style dance and movement, stretching, whirling, poetry recitation, chanting, meditation, sacred experiential anatomy, physiology and meridian pathways including learning about vital acu-points, wisdom teachings, lucid sharing circles and lots of FUN. The level of intensity is relative to the individual or group’s ability. The program is open to everyone, regardless of physical ability, fitness or prior dance experience, and is offered at beginning, intermediate and advanced levels.

Dance of Oneness® is suitable for all people, dancers, dance teachers, yoga and other movement teachers, artists of all kinds, dance and movement lovers and those who wish embody the sacred through dance. Try a session!

Dance of Oneness® is a Certification Program for all teachers, performers, artists and those who simply want to live life more fully in their body. The benefits of training in Dance of Oneness, which invokes the art of sacred living through movement and dance, can be applied to ANYONE’S personal and professional life.

Art of Dance

Dance of Oneness® is a transformational dance practice designed by Banafsheh for sacred embodiment, personal development, beauty, healing, vigor, empowerment and divine service.

Dance of Oneness® shows you how to embody your true self in the world through understanding the sacred text of your own body and from the guidance of sages. It is the embodiment of Spirit through dance as radical self-knowledge, surrendering to the unknown and creating beauty. Dance of Oneness® draws from Sufi ritual and Sama/whirling, Persian Dance, flamenco, Middle Eastern Tribal dances, Tai Chi, and contemporary dance.

“Love your body and your Self, and live in the world as a Lover” are the elemental messages of Dance of Oneness® that extend from a union with the Beloved beyond all religion, dogma and traditional understanding, and guide us to live the sacred in everyday life in very practical ways.

Wisdom Teachings

Sufi teachings and the poetry of Rumi, divine feminine wisdom, Gurdjieff Work, the Chakra system, Sacred Experiential Anatomy, Physiology and Chinese Medicine are the theoretical groundwork of Dance of Oneness®.

Dance of Oneness® is a way of life – a rigorous, disciplined, passionate and joyful way to embody the divine in the world. It is an integration of opposites, feminine and masculine, body and soul, light and dark through dance so you can embody your fully radiant self in the world.


Science of Embodiment & Healing

By fusing the art of dance and wisdom teachings, Dance of Oneness guides you to embody sacred teachings from time immemorial and thereby helps you heal and come into wholeness. Through this modality you learn self-healing techniques based in Chinese Medicine and the Chakra system. By becoming more familiar with the pathway of meridians, vital acc-points and the chakras, you learn to heal many of your ailments. The modality’s emphasis on correct posture and alignment helps correct many structural challenges.