Dance Of Oneness in Maryland

Master sacred dancer and transformational teacher, Banafsheh presents dancing as a spiritual way and science of embodiment, fusing 3 dimensions: the art of dance, wisdom teachings and healing disciplines.

Dance of Oneness

Sacred Dance by Banafsheh SayyadPersian master dance artist and transformational coach, Banafsheh Sayyad communicates the widespread message of Sufi mysticism and Divine Feminine understanding in a passionate yet serenely meditative way. Her dance is an interplay between hypnotic trance and guided motion, precise yet abandoned and unrestrained. Her explosive yet fluid motion is sensual and ritualistic, uniting the feminine and masculine energies, body and soul, light and dark in a marriage of opposites. She invokes the ancient roots of dance as commitment, prayer and adoration while blazing an original trail in modern dance with her masterly fusion of high-level dance technique and spirituality.

Sacred Dance

Banafsheh’s hypnotic Dance of Oneness is a variety of Sufi dance and classical Persian dance that provides the eternal Divine Feminine inside an innovative gypsy dervish beckons you to engage, serve, exalt and honor your sexuality as sacred. She is one of the few bearers of authentic Persian dance in the world, an innovator of Sufi dance previously only executed by men and a pioneer in modern Persian dance, all of which characterize the form she has developed called Dance of Oneness® geared towards empowering women and men through sacred embodiment.

Spiritual Dancing

Banafsheh performs in numerous types of venues ranging from proscenium theaters to alternative spaces such as churches, temples, outdoor stages and private events. She performs solo work with the option of 1 to 5 musicians and an orator.

Beloved is an evening-length multi-disciplinary dance, music and spoken word project created in conjunction by Banafsheh, actor and director Shila Ommi who recites the poetry of Rumi, multi-instrumentalist and composer Tony Khalife who performs his original compositions, Pejman Hadadi, the foremost Iranian percussionist, and Ruth Cunningham, former vocalist with Anonymous 4.

Banafsheh and the music group ZARBANG’s exuberant evening-length work exploring the theme of surrendering oneself to the inner being seated in the temple of the Heart. Modern Persian dance and music blend with Flamenco and Dervish dance in this concert of enthusiastic improvisation. The recitation of Rumi poems in English interspersed with the original Persian nuance the evening. This program is with 4 musicians, with or without an orator.