The Manager/Administrative Assistant for Banafsheh: Dance of Oneness® reports directly to Banafsheh and is responsible for:

– Managing all inquiries to, and email accounts

– Managing iCal with Banafsheh’s Dance of Oneness® training schedule and all Dance of Oneness®-related workshops, classes, performances and events

– Managing the Dance of Oneness® certification program

– Managing weekly WordPress website maintenance and editing as needed, creation & management of events on the website calendar (Events Calendar knowledge a plus)

– Organizing and executing regular blog posts on

– Event and workshop contract enforcement, ensuring all travel and logistical details are covered

– Managing all pre- and post-workshop/event administration

– Proactively taking on on any other administrative-related tasks such as: updating Banafsheh’s CV, adjusting fee charts as necessary, bringing upcoming applications and grant opportunities to Banafsheh’s attention

– Mailing In The Fire of Grace DVDs as orders come in via USPS

– Managing Constant Contact account including the mailing list and all newsletters (creation and execution)

– Managing social media across all platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn (creating and scheduling content, executing all posts)

– Sharing and marketing events through established systems

– Managing and updating YouTube and Vimeo pages

– Proactively finding additional ways to organically market all events and products related to Banafsheh and Dance of Oneness® (DVD, upcoming book, costume line, etc)

– Publicize and cross-promote all of Banafsheh’s writings from blog posts, articles and interviews

– Managing book promotion once published

– Designing fliers and postcards for web and print

– Help organize classes at a possible home for Dance of Oneness in Santa Monica which Banafsheh is in the process of securing

The job requires that a candidate:
– Has excellent writing skills
– Is social media savvy
– Possesses professional abilities in graphic design, video editing and WordPress html, plugins & updates
– Networks well
– Has knowledge of the performing arts world
– Keeps up on current sociopolitical events
– Is attentive to detail, self-motivated and able to multitask

Please send cover letter, resume, writing/graphic design/web design samples to
*Please include graphic design and web design samples if applicable

The position is 10 hrs/week (flexible schedule), $15/hour