The Divine Mother

Even today when I listen to the old recordings of Jacqueline du Pre playing her beloved cello, sitting there like a lioness with it held rapturously between her legs and arms and all her body, I focus ever so deeply and quietly because it is ‘as if’ I am actually listening to Divine Mother herself.…

Prayer #7

Performance by NAMAH Dance

This piece was premiered in my full-evening dance and live music work, Amvaaj – Waves from the Unseen at UCLA and toured in North America and Europe.

My main objective for this piece was to explore infinite states like trance within a finite structure. For this, I committed myself to exploring the spiral in as many ways as possible. Both the spacial structure is a moving spiral and the movement itself is mostly in spirals. In creating the movement, I danced for hours and went into trance. A stationary camera captured my movement which I later made sequences from. I choreographed without music and later had the music composed on the dance. The rhythm is primarily in 3s.