Dance of Oneness® is about embodying balance. It is a path toward realizing and living your full potential.

Sufism and the poetry of Rumi and Hafez, the philosophy of Gurdjieff, Goddess Archetypes, Chinese Medicine, the Chakra system, Western Anatomy, and nutrition are part and parcel of Banafsheh’s Dance of Oneness®. Integration of the self through full-bodied, robust dancing helps you open yourself to being a channel of light and love in the world, harmonizing with others to serve the greater existence.

It is learning by steps and growing by leaps.

Dance of Oneness® focuses on inviting an unobstructed flow of Chi (Light and energy) through a dialogue with Grace and balancing Chakras, to develop an aligned, and fluid spine and whole body free-flowing, undulations – lithe and free.

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The Dance of Oneness® Certification Program is a 2-tiered program.

Tier 1: To be certified as a Dance of Oneness® Instructor, complete 200 hours of training plus 61 hours of Teacher Training. As a Certified Dance of Oneness® Instructor you are responsible for guiding students into a conscious presence in their bodies and effectively teach Dance of Oneness® technique.

Tier 2: To become a Dance Priestess or Priest, complete 400 training hours plus 61 hours of Teacher Training. This training involves a deeper exploration and a connection to the Spirit that leads to spiritual embodiment.


  1. Click here to fill out the application.
  2. Attend 200 – 400 hours of courses from the Dance of Oneness curriculum* and log your hours. Link to the curriculum below.
  3. Upon completion of the hours, meet with Banafsheh (in person or online) to determine eligibility to advance to the 60-hr Teacher Training Session
  4. Certification granted upon successful completion of the Training*Must attend at least one course per calendar year. All courses satisfy this requirement.

*Must attend at least one course per calendar year. All courses satisfy this requirement.


2-day workshop/retreat: 10 hours
3-day workshop/retreat: 15 hours
5-day workshop/retreat: 26 hours
7-day workshop/retreat: 36 hours
60 minute private session: 1 hour
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