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Dance of Oneness
Daily Practice Level l

with Banafsheh and musician Tony Khalife

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Welcome to the Dance of Oneness Daily Practice Level I

This 37-minute practice is designed for all bodies regardless of your ability and physical limitations and perfect to do on a daily basis. You can stream it indefinitely or download it at the resolution of your choice.

You will learn to ground your energy, establish connection with the Earth and the primal yin as the foundation of your body, balance the feminine and masculine energies inside, release tension and rigidity, weave conscious awareness and a supple ease into your whole body, so you can be present, opening yourself to the source energy that permeates all and everything through grace, clarity, soft strength and fluid sensuality. You will feel unlimited within your very skin.

From this grounding, centering and balancing of opposites we open our heart to the love that is always pouring towards us from the source, and harmonize body, heart, mind and soul so that we can experience our life with all its glory and all its pain, from the fullness of an embodied coherent loving intelligence.
With this practice you can develop and nourish the capacity to navigate the challenges of the times we live in with an elevated state of compassion and wisdom. We are blessed to have the original music of Tony Khalife and the poetry of Rumi inspiring our movement and our stillness. 


Mixed levels. Suitable for everyone who loves to move as well as people with some background in movement or dance, trained dancers, yoga and other movement practitioners.

Benefits of this Practice

Aliveness and a sense of joy rooted in peace

Discovering sacred sensuality as a key to embodiment

Circulation of energy in your whole body

Elevating your state

Getting in shape

Feeling energized and unlimited

Connecting with a sense of joy independent of external or internal conditions

Integrating heart, mind and body and creating coherence

Boosting immunity and well-being

Reducing stress and feeling peaceful

Healing body aches and developing the ability to heal many kinds of ailments

Cultivating resiliency and adaptability


Make sure you have an unobstructed space of 5×5 feet or 1.5×1.5 meters to move in. 
Make sure you have an unobstructed space of 5×5 feet or 1.5×1.5 meters to move in. 
Wear comfortable attire you can easily move in.  *Yoga mat is optional
Hydrate by drinking plenty of water after the session

What People Are Saying

Opening the gateways of Love in my body through the transmission of feminine grace, power and pure joy! This dance is a home-coming to my soul. I feel different after the sessions. Taller, more noble in bearing, more steady in my feet, more fluid in my joints, more toned in my belly, more in love with being human in a woman’s body! Christa Ray

Banafsheh teaches with such a deeply embodied awareness and love that touches my innermost being. My receptivity has deepened and I feel I am more connected to the living present moment.  Isabelle Spaeti

This is what I’ve been searching for deep inside… knowing that it existed somewhere, this embodiment of dancing my truth. Dawn Parkin