Dance of Oneness®: Awaken Radiant Beauty | Planning Your Trip

Airport: Attaturk, Istanbul

Please plan to arrive before 1pm on May 17 at the latest.

Transportation to Dergah:

  • Take the train, bus or taxi to the Yenikapi Ferry Station – Guide to Istanbul
  • A guide will meet you at the Yenikapi Ferry Station at 3/3:3pm with your ferry ticket
    • Meet at the entrance to board the ferry to Yalova
    • Our group will take the 3:45pm ferry
  • A bus at the Yalova ferry station will bring the group to the hotel and Cultural Center (dergah).

Our orientation session will begin at 7:30pm on May 17 after dinner.

Early arrivals:
If you plan to arrive earlier or later, you can take a small bus or dolmus to the Thermal. Tell the bus driver that you’d like to go to the Limak Hotel.

Please book your returning flight no sooner than 8 pm on May 24. The retreat ends at 12pm on May 24 followed by lunch. The earliest ferry after lunch to Istanbul (Yenikapi) leaves at 1:45 pm. The earliest you will arrive at the Ataturk airport is 5pm via taxi or public transportation. The best option is to stay one night in Istanbul and travel the next day on May 25th. We will organize your trip from the hotel to the Yalova Ferry during the workshop.

Ramadan is May 5 – June 4. As Turkey is a very hospitable country, please know that food is readily available everywhere and you will not be penalized for not fasting.