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In the lineage of Banafsheh Sayyad, Maura Tousignant is the first certified teacher and performer of the Dance of Oneness. Maura is a movement artist who has performed dance professionally in the United States and India. Her choreography and improvisation creations focus on marrying the ecstatic and the sober, introducing the audience to the experience of trance, and offering the performance of movement meditation as a sacred practice.

Maura first met Banafsheh in 2010 in Turkey, and experienced deep transformation from Banafsheh’s teachings and the practice of Dance of Oneness. Maura has returned to Turkey several times to immerse herself in Sufi practices. After completing her undergraduate studies of Comparative Literature, Middle Eastern Studies, and Dance at the University of Virginia, Maura moved to California to continue her path with Banafsheh. As a teacher and performer of the Dance of Oneness, Maura draws upon her training with Banafsheh as well as her background in performing modern dance, salsa, hip-hop, and folkloric dances from Bolivia, Peru, and Brazil. In addition to dance, Maura also practices and teaches vinyasa yoga. Maura is attaining her Masters degree in Counseling Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute, on course to becoming a licensed psychotherapist. Maura aspires to weave together somatic psychology, dance, and yoga to offer pathways to radiant health.