Make a real and lasting difference in the world!

“Giving is gainful employment … it brings in money” – Rumi

Have you always been interested in the Arts and Spirituality but didn’t know how to take part?

A Supporter of art and spiritual exploration plays just as important a role as the Artist and the Explorer.

Here is a chance to participate in pioneering art and spiritual exploration and contribute to the flourishing of a path dedicated to the conscious evolution of all people. Show your appreciation and support for Banafsheh and the Dance of Oneness®.

Become a Cherished Friend and Supporter of Banafsheh and Dance of Oneness®. Donate Now to Banafsheh’s non-profit dance organization, NAMAH!

Your Contribution will fund:

  • The creation of new performances for the stage
  • Promote Women’s and Men’s empowerment
  • The establishment of a Center for Dance of Oneness®
  • Scholarships for financially challenged individuals who show great promise as certified Dance of Oneness® teachers but are unable to afford the program.

Your Benefits:

  • Donations are tax-deductible
  • Support the bridging of art and spiritual awareness and enrich the world and the subsequent generations with your generosity
  • Posting of your name on the website and printed matter as cherished donor

Three Ways to Donate Now:

  1. Online: btn_paynow_lg
  2. Wire Transfer: Please Email to obtain banking information.
  3. Check:
    PO Box 506
    Woodland Hills, CA 91367
    Tel: (310) 499-7100
    Please write DONATION on the lower left of the check for proper credit and to receive a special mention on our Supporters List.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to you for your generosity in supporting the Arts!