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Dance of Oneness®: Radiant Chakras | 8-Week Virtual Intensive

June 3, 2020 @ 10:00 am - July 31, 2020 @ 11:00 am PDT

8-Week Virtual Intensive with Banafsheh

June 3 – July 31, 2020
on Zoom
3 days a week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
10-11am PDT | 1-2pm EDT | 7-8pm CET
Recordings are available if you can’t join the live zoom sessions


“She is one whose heart keeps pace with her foot. She is entirely present; her soul is where her body is, and her body where her soul is, and her soul where her soles are.”

Join our dance community right from your home, and shift your focus from the outer world ruled by chaos and confusion these days to your rich inner world, deeply attuned with nature and the unseen. Activate the power of kindness, liberate your body and step into your unlimited self, extending love and compassion toward yourself, the Earth and all beings…so much needed today. Release fear and longterm resistances and blockages in your body and mind that hold you back from experiencing magnificence, ease and comfort in your own skin. As you release tensions and old habits that have kept you in limitation and separation, you will reconnect with your sacred femininity and reclaim your body as a luscious temple of ease, love and beauty. You will feel and look beautiful, energetic and ALIVE…giving and receiving love effortlessly.

Guided by the poetry of Rumi, Rabia, Kabir and other Sufi mystics as well as Taoist philosophy and divine feminine wisdom, explore the foundations of Dance of Oneness, and how to cultivate mastery and sensual grace in your body through a focus on the Chakras, the Meridian system, and quantum physics. Integrate your body, mind and soul in a sacred union and learn tools for self-healing, and extending love and healing into the world.

You will learn to ground and center yourself in peace, and open your heart and mind to a profound love for yourself and love life so you can navigate these challenging times with grace, balance, strength and exuberance. In our time together, we will journey into guided and free-style dance, whirling, Sufi teachings, wisdom teachings from the East & West, stretching, meditation, lots of laughter, and optional participation in a sharing circle with a community of like-hearted wild, noble people.

Thursdays are devoted to Sama (whirling). We will also dance with veils, so make sure you have one.

Mixed levels – suitable for everyone who loves to move as well as people with some background in movement or dance, trained dancers, yoga and other movement practitioners. 

Benefits of this Intensive:

  • Elevating your state
  • Cultivating resiliency and adaptability
  • Getting in shape
  • Feeling energized
  • Deepening your breath
  • Connecting to your life’s purpose
  • Awakening your inner and outer beauty
  • Connecting to joy independent of external or internal conditions
  • Integrating heart, mind and body and creating coherence
  • Feeling unlimited
  • Boosting immunity and well-being
  • Reducing stress and feeling peaceful
  • Healing body aches and developing the ability to heal many kinds of ailments
  • Learning new dance moves
  • Connecting with an global community of like-hearted people

To Register:

  • Purchase a ticket. Scroll down until you see “tickets” and choose an option
  • Once you purchase your ticket, you will receive a link to join the sessions on zoom and where to access replays of live sessions
  • You can join for the whole month or on a weekly basis, and pay according to the level of your engagement and/or your current financial ability
  •  Email for more info


  • $650 is the basic tuition for the course
  • Many of us are going through financial hardship at the moment. I, myself have had to cancel all of my in-person workshops and performances for the time being. We’d love for you to dance with us regardless of the state of your finances, so we’re offering different payment options from . Please choose your level of contribution honorably. 
  • If you are one of the few lucky ones in the world who has not been utterly financially devastated by the recent circumstances, please consider buying this series for someone who has been, or underwriting scholarships for students in need.


  • Download zoom
  • Make sure you have an unobstructed space of 5×5 feet or 1.5×1.5 meters to dance in
  • Wear comfortable attire you feel beautiful in
  • Have a yoga mat handy
  • Have a silk veil of approx. 3 yards x 45 inches or 2.5 x 1.15 meters). Here are a couple websites to order from: Nahari Silks and Bellydance.com
  • Have socks or soft-soled dance shoes nearby in case you need them. Here are examples of soft-soled jazz shoes suitable for our dance:
    and SoDanca
  • Hydrate by drinking plenty of water after the session

Dance of Oneness takes me back to my womb, which surprisingly gives me the feeling of tenderness that I have long denied. Finding it, accepting is so refreshing. It fills me. It gives me confidence to be me, the me I want to share with the whole world.
Usanee Nuchanong, Thailand, Radiant Beauty Retreat 

Banafsheh’s Dance of Oneness retreat in Turkey is a healing immersion into the beauty and majesty of the Divine Feminine. Being with this amazing group of women in the sacred land of Turkey is not to be missed. Soaking in the thermal waters, whirling in the Sufi Temple, laughing, loving, being…I could keep returning here with Banafsheh for the rest of my life!
Colette de Gagnier, California, Radiant Beauty Retreat