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Dance of Oneness®: Womb of Compassion

May 1 - May 8

$250 – $1750

8-day Dance Retreat for Women Only with Banafsheh and guest musicians

May 1-8, 2020
Gokcedere, Yalova, Turkey

Followed by an informal Pilgrimage to the Divine Feminine Sites in Ephesus, Metropolis, Aphrodisias and PergamonMay 8-13
(please note this is not an organized tour, and while we will propose an itinerary and provide suggestions for accommodations, travel, sights, etc., each person on the Pilgrimage will need to make their own arrangements.)


“Open the treasure house of abundance from inside yourself.”

Shift your focus from the outer world to your rich inner world, and activate your womb of compassion, so you can step into your divine self. When you extend love and compassion toward yourself, the Earth and all beings, you are emulating the creator of all worlds. The more you emulate the creator of all worlds, the more you become a conscious creator of your own world. Release longterm resistances and blockages in your body and mind that have held you back from experiencing magnificence, ease and comfort in your own skin. As you release tensions and old habits that have kept you in limitation and separation, you will reconnect with your body as a luscious temple of ease, love and beauty. You will feel and look beautiful, energetic and ALIVE…giving and receiving love effortlessly.

Guided by the poetry of Rumi, Rabia, Kabir and other Sufi mystics as well as Taoist philosophy and quantum physics, explore the foundations of Dance of Oneness, and how to cultivate mastery in your body through a focus on the Chakras and the Meridian system. Integrate your body, mind and soul in a sacred union and learn tools for self-healing and living in creative joy.

Our setting is a Sufi/Darvish Temple or Dergah and a beautiful historic hotel built on an Aesclepian site in the quaint village of Gokcedere. Our days are balanced with guided and free-style dance, whirling, Sufi teachings, wisdom teachings from the East & West, live music, yoga, chanting, meditation, aquatics – movement sessions in the natural hot spring pools, a sharing circle in a community of like-hearted women, lots of laughter, ample breaks, and detoxing in the natural hot springs.

Dance and soak, whirl and soak, and nourish your soul and your body with exceptional Turkish cuisine.

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To Register:

  • Purchase a ticket. Scroll down until you see “tickets” 
  • Sign the Terms of Agreement. Click here to view the terms.

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Tuition for the 8-day Dance Retreat:

Early Bird Rate till February 1st
Hotel Single Room Lodging $1750 *
(the equivalent in Euro or TRY)

After February 1st:
Hotel Single Room Lodging $1950 *
(the equivalent in Euro or TRY)

*Only Single lodging available

Above fees include:

  • Stellar single accommodations in a beautiful historic hotel built on healing natural hot water springs
  • Private group access to the onsite pools and fully equipped hamam (spa) closed to the greater public without any creeps staring at you!
  • Exceptional buffet breakfast, light lunch and dinner
  • Roundtrip ground transportation from the Yenikapi ferry dock in Istanbul to the hotel if you arrive at the designated departure time on May 1st and if you plan to go to Istanbul on May 8th.

Fee does NOT include airfare to Turkey, visa, roundtrip transportation from the airport to the Yenikapi Ferry dock in Istanbul. Optional massage, kiseh (body scrub) and facials at the hotel.


Limak Hotel 
Amazing historic hotel with natural spring thermal water pools, Turkish hamam, massage, beautiful views of lush mountains and a royal feast for breakfast and dinner. The juxtaposition of staying in an abode of opulence and holding our sessions in an abode of simplicity cultivates the importance of bridging worlds for a messenger of Oneness and Love.

Turkoman Hotel
For those who need to stay in Istanbul before and after the retreat. The hotel has beautiful views of the Blue Mosque in the wonderful Sultan Ahmet area of Istanbul. Ask for the “Dance of Oneness Group Rate” when you book and get a single room for $45 USD and a double room for $68 USD including breakfast.


For questions about registration and payment, please call +1 310 499-7100 or email.
For questions and guidance about the retreat and traveling to Turkey, please email Colette De Gagnier-Rettner

Preparing for the retreat

Benefits of the retreat
Planning Your Trip
Preparing for a Dance of Oneness® Workshop

“Dance of Oneness takes me back to my womb, which surprisingly gives me the feeling of tenderness that I have long denied. Finding it, accepting is so refreshing. It fills me. It gives me confidence to be me, the me I want to share with the whole world.”
Usanee Nuchanong, Thailand, “Radiant Beauty” retreat in Turkey, 2019

“Banafsheh’s Dance of Oneness retreat in Turkey is a healing immersion into the beauty and majesty of the Divine Feminine. Being with this amazing group of women in the sacred land of Turkey is not to be missed. Soaking in the thermal waters, whirling in the Sufi Temple, laughing, loving, being…I could keep returning here with Banafsheh for the rest of my life!”
Colette de Gagnier, California, “Radiant Beauty” retreat in Turkey, 2019


Unlimited available
EARLY BIRD FULL PRICE: Tuition/Lodging$1,750.00Serves as full payment for tuition and single room lodging for one person at Dance of Oneness: Womb of Compassion
Unlimited available
EARLY BIRD DEPOSIT: Tuition/Lodging$250.00Deposit payment for tuition and single room lodging for one. FULL BALANCE DUE FEBRUARY 1, 2020.
Unlimited available
EARLY BIRD BALANCE: Tuition/Lodging$1,500.00Remaining balance for tuition and single room lodging for one at Dance of Oneness: Womb of Compassion at Dance of Oneness: Womb of Compassion.