Q: Do I need to be a dancer to join a Dance of Oneness® session?
A: Generally, Dance of Oneness® classes and workshops are open to all who feel drawn, and target mixed levels. The sessions that are geared for intermediate or advanced students will be indicated thus.
Q: How should I dress for a session?
A: For women, we recommend a fitted tank top or leotard with a flowy skirt worn with leggings or shorts underneath. A wrap skirt or thin shawl worn around the waist can be a substitute for a skirt. Wear something you feel beautiful in.
For men, we recommend comfortable light-weight loose fitting clothing suitable for dancing.
Q: What should I bring to a session?
A: On each workshop or class page there is information about what to bring to class. For a one-day session it is best to bring water, a yoga mat, small towel, socks or soft-soled dance shoes, a change of clothing and notepad. For weekend and longer sessions, follow the guidelines on the center’s website where retreat is held – a link to the center’s website is on the event page. In some instances, a downloadable list of items to bring are posted to the event page.
Q: In longer workshops, are lodging and meals provided?
A: Usually lodging options and meals are provided in the price of the workshop and offered in the same premises as the session. In the instances where lodging and meals need to be arranged by the workshop participant, recommendations are provided on the event page.
How do I access the Dance of Oneness Daily Practice Level I Video that I purchased?

Please visit this page for step by step instruction.