Bonus Welcome Session

Welcome! I thank you for joining me on this 30-day Challenge!

Since so many of us are in seclusion in our homes, I was inspired to offer this Challenge, so everyday we can renew our dedication to life through dance, reconnect with our purpose for being alive and uplift and energize ourselves in these very challenging yet very potent times we are living in so we can access a clear, broader perspective should anxiety, fear, despair and sickness pay us or our loved ones a visit.

Music List of the Welcome Session:

Mercan DedeNar Nar-I-Mey
Madou DjembéPercussions D’AfriqueSogoni Coun
Glen VelezThe World of Drums & PercussionPan Eros
Mercan Dede Nar Nar-I-Cem

Blessings on your transformative journey!

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