Session 1: The Weave – Awaken your Body and Cultivate Presence

The Weave – Awaken Your Body and Cultivate Presence

Welcome! I thank you for joining me on this Path!

Let’s begin together in reverence to life. May our time together, our focus and our dedication give us the tools to dance our life with grace, compassion and wisdom, understanding that we are free and with every choice we make we are exercising our freedom and our creativity. Allow yourself to feel grateful for this freedom, this gift…this creative gift.

What does being a dancer mean to you? Can you distill what comes to your mind and heart in 3 words? Please remember and hold these 3 attributes close. I invite you to focus on them and let them guide you on your Path as a Dancer.

Below, you will find a pdf with the Poetry and Quotes, and one with the Music List for all of our 13 Sessions. If you have any questions or comments about the movements, please join the forum on our Dance of Oneness private Facebook group where our vibrant global community exchanges ideas and insights.

I recommend that you have socks or soft-soled dance shoes handy in case you need to wear them for turns or whirling. Here are examples of soft-soled jazz shoes you can purchase that our suitable for our dance: Capezio and SoDanca.

I also suggest that you keep a journal to write down your reflections after Sessions. 

Blessings on your journey beloved Dancer!

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Poetry & Quotes

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