Session 3: Review and Integration

Review and Integration

Reaching the completion of this chapter of our journey in the Path of the Dancer, we take the time to review what we’ve done and how far, how deep we’ve come in embodying our intentions and the attributes of the dancer we distilled. We’ve rooted and established ways of lovingly connecting with the Earth as alive which is key in being a dancer. We came in touch with the Ney, the flute and ascending and descending flow of energy along the central channel of our body. We connected with our center, our womb, dantian as the midpoint of our inner sun and understood that movements needs to be experienced as emanations of this sun that finds its most radiance in our heart, the seat of the infinite within us, where our dance is best expressed from. We entered into the spin that is more and more understood as the fundamental dynamics of everything in the universe and experienced ourselves as a channel.
What tools have you acquired that you can implement in your life to live more fully, receive more fully and give more? 😍

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