Session 4: Closing Celebration: The Sama and Veil Dance on Rumi’s Birthday

Closing Celebration: The Sama and The Veil Dance on Rumi’s Birthday

Bravo beloved Dancer, you completed this journey! I hope you have benefited from our journey and will continue to reap the benefits and share the benefits with those around you and the greater circle of life.
In our live Immersion, this final session fell auspiciously on Jalaledin Rumi’s birthday – September 30th. I invite you to join me in celebrating this messenger of love as part of our final session by whirling in his honor. I suggest that you read some of his poetry, revisit ones you love and look for new ones. Remember that Rumi became Rumi through the Sama! And each and everyone us continues to receive the gifts of his surrender to love through the poetry that sponteanously flowered from him as he whirled. 
What genius is waiting to be born through you? 💜❤️💜

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