Session 3: The 3rd Salaam – Die into Union with the Beloved

3rd Salaam – Die into Union with the Beloved

Beloved Dancer, we will continue our journey into the Sama, with the 3rd Salaam after a short warmup, dance and a review of the technique of whirling.


  • Please wear soft-soled shoes or socks to whirl. The purpose for this is so you can slide slightly.  
  • Make sure not to eat a heavy meal 2 hrs prior to session.
  • Prepare a place for yourself to sit in meditation after whirling.
  • If  you are very new to whirling, please make sure to give yourself a minimum of 1 hr after the session to integrate the experience and give yourself a pause before jumping quickly into demanding daily life activities – especially heady activities.
  • Don’t drive or operate heavy machinery after whirling.

Happy whirling in the ocean of oneness! 🧚‍♀️

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