Brow Chakra, Goddess Isis

September 7 – October 1

10-11am PT | 5-6pm UTC

Every Tuesday & Friday

What students say

Els di Maria, USA

Dancing universal truths! Banafsheh’s integration of love, purpose, and embodiment -in her teaching and her being. I think what will stay with me the longest is the experience of Banafsheh’s loving and generous presence. 

Joanna Veldt, USA

Ivy Joeva, USA

This is truly Sacred Dance that Banafsheh teaches and inspires. It awakens body, soul and spirit to the gift, the joy, the wonder of embodiment.

 Anne Kathleen, Canada



Azita Sach, USA

Banafsheh shares so much grace and integrity, beauty and wisdom in these potent and healing dance sessions. I feel truly blessed and so grateful to receive these gifts, including poetry, music and words of wisdom together with the dance. A truly heart-warming experience.

Jane H., Australia

What will you learn?

1. Come home to your body and cultivate a true sense of belonging
Everything you experience in life happens through your body, so being present and comfortable in your body is the foundation of well-being and self-development.

2. Awaken conscious coherence between your heart, mind and body
We live in fragmented societies, so the aim of our dance is to come into balance and wholeness, attending to all aspects of yourself, not just the mind, so you can manifest the life you truly want to live.

3. Calm your mind, reduce stress and activate a deep sense of peace
The meditative aspect of our dance helps reduce mental chatter, bringing you in touch with the well-spring of peace within you, and gives you tools to access peace in all situations.

4. Activate joy regardless of the circumstance and feel truly elated
The high energy aspect of our dance helps you move the emotions of anger, sadness and hopelessness to access your inherent joy, and gives you tools to find joy regardless of the situation.

5. Increase your fitness level, feel energized all day long, and sleep well
Our dance not only keeps you in shape but it helps you maintain an optimum level of energy and alertness all day long that is grounded in peace.

6. Activate intuition and the powers of manifestation
By stimulating the Pineal gland, activate your powers of visioning, intuition and manifestation through whirling, meditation, and dancing with veils.

1. This Module consists of 8 hours of Live Online Sessions.

2. Videos of Live Sessions will be available within 24 hours after the Session and accessed on this page once you are logged in.

3. You can access the referenced poetry, quotes and the music list.

4. We will have a bonus Community Circle after our Friday Sessions on September 10, 17 and October 1.

5. We will have a guest in the Community Circle on September 17 who will present on Ancestral Healing through Dance.

6. You will have the opportunity to join our private Facebook Dance of Oneness Community group with students from around the globe to exchange ideas.

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