Train with Banafsheh

Unleash your inner dancer and open yourself to joy!

Tap into your body’s innate wisdom…

Feel your beauty inside and out!

Unleash your inner dancer and open yourself to JOY!

Banafsheh teaches conscious embodiment through dance and movement to women and men. For women, she guides you to access and express your radiant femininity, finding ease and comfort in your own skin and coming in touch with your body as divine. For men, she guides you to open to your divine masculine.

In a private session with her you can focus on your needs and transform sensations of stress, confusion, fatigue, burn-out, depression, malaise, apathy or anxiety into joy, clarity and peace while you lose weight and get into shape.

Or, you can choose to concentrate on improving your dancing, opening yourself to Spirit and your highest potential and life’s vision through sacred dance.

Banafsheh utilizes techniques from Dance of Oneness®, the Chakra system and Chinese Medicine. You can transform your body and your life with Banafsheh through a combined program in movement, nutrition and spiritual guidance.

You can sign up for live or online individual sessions or group sessions with your friends. Package discounts are available.

Online sessions with Banafsheh are available via Skype, FaceTime and Google Hangouts.

To set up an online or live private session, please email or call (310) 499-7100

Tap into your body’s innate wisdom …

Transform limitations, focus on your life’s vision and what makes you FULLY ALIVE!

Feeling ill, fatigued, burned out, confused, depressed, anxious, disconnected or out of shape?

Connect with your true unbounded, free, tender and fierce Self and live with PASSION & PEACE

Do you want to improve your dancing and learn new techniques?

Do you feel there is something missing in your life or you are not living at your full potential and optimum health?

  • Heal yourself through dance
  • Get into shape and increase energy level
  • Connect with and express your sensual feminine radiance
  • Feel beautiful inside and out
  • Cultivate living with peace and passion
  • Prepare your body, mind, and spirit to enter higher consciousness
  • Transform your daily life into sacred loving art that makes you fully ALIVE
  • Cross over from the “mundane” to the “sacred” with concrete tools to keep you there
  • Develop a daily movement practice that supports full embodiment
  • Focus on your vision and life’s dreams
  • Get a balanced nutritional regimen to support your optimum health

Please pay in advance to secure your session. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can still checkout securely with a debit or credit card.

Banafsheh, I thank you for an amazing session we had together. It is exactly what I need at this point in my life. I deeply appreciate your support and for nourishing my soul through this work!!!
-Helen BetGivargis

After our online practice session, I literally experienced my body and soul as being back in the amazing energy of our dance retreat. I was light, buoyant, clear, and happy all day.
-Deirdre Stone

The session and the lovely softening of all was beautiful. I feel peaceful and more expansive and walked the streets of NYC like a flowering Aphrodite this morning. It was heavenly to transform an extremely stiff body into a softer, more flexible form. How lucky all of us are who have found Banafsheh!
-Elena Kowalsky

I have transformed from our time together. You’ve forever shifted what dance is for me – for the Beloved. It’s communion, not a performance. It’s a connection with Mother Earth, not the Ego.
-Erica Wood

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