Preparing for a Dance of Oneness® Session

Please adhere to the following guidelines to ensure you’ll be prepared for your Dance of Oneness® Workshop or Private Lesson.

What to Wear

          Fitted tank top or leotard, flowy skirt worn with leggings or shorts (T-shirts are ok)
          A wrap skirt or thin shawl worn around the waist can also substitute for a skirt
          Wear something you feel beautiful in! 

          Comfortable light-weight loose fitting clothing, T-shirts and shorts or sweatpants are recommended 

What to Bring

  • Socks or soft-soled dance shoes
  • Water
  • Yoga mat
  • Small towel
  • Change of clothes
  • Notepad

Additional items for weekend or longer workshops

  • Silk veil for dance (3 yards by 45 inches or 2.74 by 1.15 meters)
  • White clothing for whirling (optional)
  • Follow the guidelines on the center’s website where the retreat is being held. In many cases a downloadable list of items to bring is posted on their website. Email with any additional questions.

Where to buy dance clothes/shoes

Soft-Soled Dance Shoes:
Capezio Show Stopper Jazz Shoe

Whirling Skirt:
Discount Dance