Chakras 4 and 5: Expressing The Truth In My Heart, CA

Have a great getaway without leaving town!

Memorial Weekend May 29 & 30
2-day Retreat with musicians Tony Khalife and Afshin Mehrasa
(Open to All: Both Certification students and those who want personal physical and spiritual benefit from the teachings)

Workshops:  Saturday 10 am – 5 pm and Sunday  11 am – 4 pm
Celebration:  Sunday   4 pm – 7 pm

Do you have problems expressing your Truth?
Problems in your neck or throat?

TRUST clearly the emotional guidance of your Heart, and EXPRESS truthfully what you want and feel!
Chakra 4, Heart is the center of Feeling and Love, where Truth is sensed, and is considered the central hub of physical Energy in the Body.
Chakra 5, Throat is the center of expression and communication with the world. Problems with the neck or throat can be a result of a blocked throat Chakra.
Learn the vital power each of the 2 Chakras wield, and the key roles each play in your daily life through:

* Sacred Dance based in Persian Dance, Flamenco, tai chi & Sufi ritual
* Uplifting live music with the masterful vibes of Tony Khalife & Afshin Mehrasa
* Guided Meditations through the journey of Feeling and Joy
* Wisdom teachings of Rumi and Hafez
* Taoist or Meridian philosophy, of energy or Chi pathways in the body

As a special treat, a catered organic Lunch featuring luscious Mediterranean fare awaits you each day AND a live music, free dance celebration on Sunday afternoon/evening, where we freely express our Energy and Joy!

Mystical Persian Dance and Flamenco

Recurring class with live music by Tony Khalife and Afshin Mehrasa. Weave the ethereal beauty of Persian dance and the fiery, passionate power of Flamenco into a NEW dance that brings together the opposite qualities of these two traditions, inspiring a bold and fierce yet tender aliveness that balances the feminine and masculine energies inside. Learn short exuberant dance sequences that cultivate fluidity and strength, groundedness and flight, wild abandon and keen presence. These highly energetic classes are technique based yet internal.