Dance of Oneness®: Mystical Dance of the Chakras, Germany

Tap into the vast reservoir of your fiercely gentle power through a sensual and ethereal yet grounded dance. Come in touch with your Chakras and focus on optimum posture and alignment, centering and opening techniques that give you concrete tools for feeling your fullest presence amidst the total chaos around us. Find a way to balance total presence and total surrender.

Open to all.
A background in movement is desired but not required.

Dance of Oneness®: Living Ecstasy, CA

5-day Retreat with musician Tony Khalife, part of the DANCE OF ONENESS® CERTIFICATION PROGRAM: INTEGRATED (open to all: Both Certification students and those who want personal physical and spiritual benefit from the teachings).

Are you a dance partner to Ecstatic Joy? Do you tap the limitless flow of Source Energy while driving to work?

We are not likely to soar with the lofty Divine without first feeling it Here and Now. Banafsheh, creator of Dance of Oneness, has been bringing techniques which align Energy phenomena with powerful Movement and simple ancient Ritual to people around the world, and is ecstatic to be back at Esalen! An electrifying international dancer/choreographer and Acupuncturist, Banafsheh is an authentic culture-bearer of Persian Dance and has resurrected this powerful, mesmerizing  little-known ancient expression of fluid Yin energy and combined it with her classical training in Flamenco, Tai Chi, and Sufi practice to create Dance of Oneness.

Set to Tony Khalife’s magical weavings, journey into Oneness: dance, whirl, meditate, chant, yoga, Laugh!, share, experience the poignant prose of Rumi & Hafez, and:

* Learn Banafsheh’s mystical dance form – grounded and totally abandoned – based in Persian Dance, Flamenco, Tai Chi and Sufi Ritual, and expand your own creative expression (move into living a continuously inspired, passionate life).

* Actively open and balance your chakras through corresponding movement, conscious ecstatic dance, hypnotic music and stillness (open your Energy  Vortex).

* Draw in, feel, and share vital Source Energy (learn the ease of being a Channel of Light).

* Choose the best-feeling emotion in any given situation (Pivot! your way to constructive, excitement-based thoughts).

Take home a chakra-balancing movement meditation practice that supports being totally and passionately alive.
Retreat includes live performance, a freedance and music celebration.
All levels welcome – please bring a yoga mat.
Enjoy Cabin lodging, delicious organic meals, 24-hr natural springs hot tubs under the sky overlooking the ocean, amazing Esalen massage, programs for children and much much more …