Bali Sacred Journey & Opening of Center of Hope

Bali Sacred Journey & Opening of Center of Hope

Join Andrew Harvey, Banafsheh Sayyad, and other spiritual teachers on an Experiential Journey to Bali

October 28-November 10
Bali, Indonesia


Join Andrew Harvey, Lilly White, Dr. Scilla Elworthy, Banafsheh Sayyad, and Jill Angelo Birnbaum for a once in a lifetime spiritual travel experience that includes the opening of the Center of Hope in Bali.

This is a two-part travel program, starting with a three-day grand opening celebration of the Center of Hope in Umabian, Bali. Participate in sacred ceremonies, enlightening talks, and meet the family of Agung Prana, a co-founder of the Center with Andrew Harvey and Lilly White. For the second part of this journey, you will travel to the oceanside paradise of Pemuteran for a workshop series with renowned spiritual teachers and local experts. This program is ideal for those looking to deepen their own spiritual practice in one of the world’s most beautiful and sacred places. You will be given practical tools for intuitive living and will return home with a profound sense of balance and well-being. You will also gain a deeper understanding of Sacred Activism and Sufism, their relationship to Balinese traditions, and how you can be a channel for peace in the world. Read More

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Preparing for a Dance of Oneness® Retreat 
Dance of Oneness®: Curriculum
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Dance of Oneness® Intensive Training: Path of the Dancer

Dance of Oneness® Intensive Training: Path of the Dancer

with Banafsheh and Tony Khalife

7-day Intensive: September 13-20, 2019
Weekend only: September 13-15, 2019


The entire universe belongs to the dancer. If you don’t dance, you won’t know what will come to pass.

Dance invites us to take up space in the world with confidence, conviction and service. It’s exhilarating, joyous, sacred, sensual, transformative, communal, and disruptive. Dance makes us whole and brings us into rhythm with others. Though resilient, adaptable, and flexible, dance also breaks the rules. In dance, polarities unite and birth art. Dance is universal. Dance is freedom. Dance is the hope for our humanity if we accept the invitation to dance our lives.

Experience Banafsheh’s transformational teaching in a fusion of passionate yet peaceful dance to embody Spirit. Explore the secrets of dance technique and philosophy as a conscious vehicle to come in touch with who we TRULY are and can offer in this time of infinite potential and need. Discover how dance and movement can shift, influence and shape consciousness and the environment.

From high-powered guided, and free-style dance to the deep serenity of whirling, and vocal training, take a journey in your inner terrain with Tony Khalife’s blend of Middle Eastern and Indian trance music. Feel your fullest presence in the Here and Now with movement and voice work, luscious and devotion that bring you in touch with your core – peaceful, centered, strong, vibrant, open, free, and in community with others.

7-day Intensive is intermediate level
Weekend Only is open to all/mixed levels
50 hrs towards the 200/400-hr Dance of Oneness® Certification Program


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Explore the Path of the Dancer

Learn more about the Intensive – including what to bring!
Preparing for a Dance of Oneness® Workshop

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Dance of Oneness®: Curriculum
Recommended Reading List


By the end of the workshop, I was present in every cell and I enjoyed being a fluid body. I have been in all sorts of classes but in no class whatsoever was there the opportunity to express oneself. To move as one is called to, as one feels like and to explore deeper and deeper one’s own body language and what it says. This workshop allows that.
Gida Hussami, workshop participant, Schweibenalp, Switzerland

The sessions with Banafsheh activate a yummy vibration in my power chakra, the womb space, which feels delicious and self-nurturing. I felt my Dantien grounded and activated as soon as I sat down next to Banafsheh in a sharing circle. Watching Banafsheh perform I feel the ecstasy of her dance physically in my body. Banafsheh’s teaching that I practice regularly take me out of a emotionally dark space into a delicious, blissful connection with myself in my body.

Her teaching is vital to my recovery from “corporate exhaustion. Since finding this amazing spiritual teacher at the beginning of the year, I have dedicated myself seriously to this study.

Tony Khalife was such a powerful addition to Banafsheh’s teaching. His music supported and elevated the experience of her teaching skillfully and magically. Tony led us in vocalizations that gave me a completely new experience of my voice resonating in my body, not squeezed in my throat, even when going up with the tone.
Susanne Bowra, workshop participant, Multiversity, Santa Cruz, CA

Lightning in a Bottle Festival | Performance and Class, CA

Banafsheh Lightning in a Bottle Lightning in a Bottle Festival 2015
Music and arts transformational festival
Bradley, CA
May 21-25, 2015
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Class with Banafsheh:
Dance of Oneness®: The Fire of Flamenco
May 23rd, 2015
Yoga Om Tent

Tap into the vast reservoir of your fiercely gentle power with sensual, grounded movement based in Flamenco. Feel your fullest presence in the Here and Now with a luscious and fiery dance that brings you in touch with your core – exuberant, centered, vibrant, open and bold. Shoes not required.

Temple-of-Consciouness-Phase-2-Announce-21Tickets and information:

More details on Banafsheh’s performance at The Temple coming soon!

Hotel, tent camping and boutique camping options are all available; full weekend passes are discounted until April 24th; day pass options also available.