Dance of Oneness®: Dance of the Chakras – The HEART, NYC

Consciously & actively work through the Chakras to open your inner energetic channels, allowing Universal Energy to flow abundantly, so you can live an inspired, energetic & ecstatic life. With this energy flowing through us, we become co-creators of our lives; healing, living, working & playing in Harmony with Universal Energy. Each session is a balance between conscious dance & movement, stillness & mystical teachings of the East & West corresponding to each Chakra.
You will learn invaluable practical every day tools to live your full potential, accessing peace & joy in any circumstance!
You can take all 4 workshops together or single ones.

Through dance, movement, floor exercises, meditation, chanting and teachings, we will focus on opening our heart and courageously living our passion in alignment with Divine guidance and together, radiate healing light into the world.

All are welcome. Followed by an open Sema (whirling) session.