Chakras 2 and 3: The New Year Relationship's Resolution, CA

Begin the new year with a resolution for establishing and developing conscious and thriving relationships with yourself and others. Explore the significance of the 2nd and 3rd chakras in your life as the seat of sexuality, creativity and the Self. Come into alignment with yourself, balance and learn to embody these energy centers more fully, opening yourself to the unlimited creative force within you and the possibilities of experiencing sexuality as your link with your cosmic identity. The movement component, which aligns us with the energy of each Chakra is drawn from ancient and contemporary rituals, Middle Eastern dance, yoga, tai chi and chi gong.

Come in touch with the lesson of the two Chakras through a teaching derived from Western and Persian mysticism as well as the Chinese Taoist view of the body or Meridian philosophy (energetic pathways of chi in the body) – the foundation of Chinese Medicine, tai chi and chi gong.

Over the 3 days, we will have 4 sessions. Each of the sessions will be a balance between movement and music, teachings, meditation and visualization, giving you tools to live your life more fully.