Sacred Dance Guild Honors Banafsheh as a Living Legacy

Sacred Dance Guild Honors Banafsheh as a Living Legacy

A Conversation About Sacred Dance on Zoom
August 2, 2020 @ 1
:30pm PT | 4:30pm ET | 10:30pm CET
Email to register for this free event, include  “BANAFSHEH SAYYAD INTERVIEW” in the subject line 

Sacred Dance Guild has chosen Banafsheh as one of the six dance artists they are honoring as a Living Legacy. The Guild is conducting a Living Legacy Interview series featuring each of the six dance artists taking place between June – August 2020.

In each interview, the Guild asks the artist 5 important questions. These questions have been crafted by the Sacred Dance Guild Legacy Project Team who are designing a Sacred Dance Guild Facilitator’s Accreditation Program. The team wants to ensure that the deep thoughts of their honorary members are captured and included in the material that will be part of the Legacy Project to inform present and future sacred dancers.

What are the 5 important questions? Register to find out by sending an email to with “BANAFSHEH SAYYAD INTERVIEW” in the subject line and SDG will put you on the list. You will receive the link to join the Interview live on Zoom one day prior to the Interview.

Banafsheh will be interviewed by SDG member, Susan Beyani live on Zoom.  All will have the opportunity to have questions or comments posed to Banafsheh at the end of the Interview.

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Mehr be Mehr

Featuring: Banafsheh, Koobang Ensemble and Mojdeh Habibi

Banafsheh dances in a program based on the poetry of the Iranian mystic poet and teacher, Tahereh Ghoratoleyn with musicians of Koobang Ensemble and the recitation of Mojdeh Habibi in Persian.

Information and Tickets: (818) 679 8352

Sacred Dance and Radical Embodiment

Sacred Dance and Radical Embodiment

Alchemy of the Dance

Many of us are terrified of embodiment. We can’t face our broken hearts, the chaos in our minds or the pain in our bodies. We yearn instead for transcendental bliss. Every chance we get, we go off into the beautiful light instead of choosing to face the continually unnerving yet miraculous experience of living that light in our bodies. In this way we continue to separate the realm of the soul from the body.

Dancing the Divine

Dancing the Divine

Sacred Dance as a return to the root of our Self

Have you ever considered dance as a practice that can support your living at your highest potential and a tool for coming to know yourself, remembering who you truly are?

Dance today is experienced anywhere from fun, sexy and a way to keep fit to entertainment, forcing oneself into a certain popular image, and high art. It’s deeper spiritual dimensions call out to us and can be tapped regardless of the means if we choose to listen, if we believe, if we long for it. (more…)