Dance of Oneness®: Upward Spiral of Love, Turkey

5-day Dance Retreat in Turkey
June 12 – 17, 2011

Finding your dance at the crossing of the eternal unchanging stillness
and continuous movement

“Come into the Heart, where the Great Mystery lives!” – Rumi

At Mutlu Baba Cultural Center (Dergah), 
Gokcedere, Turkey

Come dance in the spiral of love, igniting your whole being with the fire of this spiral, and offer your dance as a prayer for the world. Guided by the poetry of Rumi and Hafez, explore love’s intoxicating power through movement that is 100% grounded and centered, and 100% abandoned. Develop a keen awareness of your energy anatomy while dancing the passion in your Heart inside the spiral of love. Take home a daily movement practice that supports an inner alchemy of turning negativity to gold. Our setting is a Sufi/Dervish House or Dergah, a true tavern of love, beyond any particular religion and open to all.
 Bring veils. Mixed Levels

Our days are a balance between dance, yoga, chanting, music, meditation, sharing, expressing our own creativity and the chance to explore individually the beautiful beaches, villages and sites of Turkey’s exquisite Marmara region.

The retreat begins at 8 PM on June 12th and ends at 2 PM on June 17th
Following the Dance Retreat, you can join the Sema (whirling ceremony) which starts on June 18th until August 23. You can elect to stay for this donation based ceremony from one hour to the full 66 days!!

Fee for 5-day Dance Retreat:
*$600 (450 euro) including lodging and meals at the Dergah (communal sleeping, separate women’s and men’s quarters)
*$850 (600 euro) including hotel lodging and meals at the Dergah

Above fees do not include airfare, visa and round-trip transportation from the airport to the Dergah
The nearest airport is Ataturk in Istanbul

Arrival – June 12 in the morning.
Bus taking people to the Dergah from Istanbul will depart at 4 PM (fare for this trip is extra)
The first session begins at 8:30 PM following light dinner at 6 PM
Departure – June 17 in the evening (if only staying for the Dance Retreat)