Mindfulness Daylong Retreat: The Dance of Stillness

Mindfulness Daylong Retreat: The Dance of Stillness

Daylong Mindfulness Retreat at UCLA:
The Dance of Stillness in the Midst of the Great Unraveling

We live in unprecedented times. Often overwhelmed by the pressures, chaos, stimulus and the distractions of the world, it is good to come together in order to experience ourselves more fully.  We might, then, from the wisdom of the deep currents, see what stories (both culturally and personally) are wanting to fall away, and to learn what stories are waiting to be born. To do this within the stillness and silence of a retreat setting, threaded through by music, dance and rhythm, is to experience ourselves as embodiments of life itself.

During times of great change, sudden movement, and destabilization it is imperative for our well-being (which includes the well-being of our families, communities, friends, etc.) that we set aside time to restore. We can do this by accessing stillness amidst the storm through nurturing practices that increase resiliency and simultaneously expand our capacity for equanimity, kindness, deep listening, and, now, more than ever, for right action.

In this retreat we will come together to meditate, practice mindfulness and compassion practices, and DANCE!

I will be accompanied by Tony Khalife, master musician, singer and songwriter.

To participate you do not have to be a dancer or adept at movement. We will adapt everything for disabilities. Everyone is welcome including beginning meditators. Bring a lunch and a blanket. Tea and snacks will be offered.

Fee: $60 | Register now
More info: (310) 206-7503 | Email

Discounts: $50 student & seniors, $50 UCLA Staff, $55 UCLA 50 Plus.
Note: In support of the UCLA Healthy Campus Initiative, UCLA students may sign up for this workshop for free by using the “UCLA Student” discount and using your UCLA email address when you register.

Sacred Dance and Radical Embodiment

Sacred Dance and Radical Embodiment

Alchemy of the Dance

Many of us are terrified of embodiment. We can’t face our broken hearts, the chaos in our minds or the pain in our bodies. We yearn instead for transcendental bliss. Every chance we get, we go off into the beautiful light instead of choosing to face the continually unnerving yet miraculous experience of living that light in our bodies. In this way we continue to separate the realm of the soul from the body.

Dancing the Divine

Dancing the Divine

Sacred Dance as a return to the root of our Self

Have you ever considered dance as a practice that can support your living at your highest potential and a tool for coming to know yourself, remembering who you truly are?

Dance today is experienced anywhere from fun, sexy and a way to keep fit to entertainment, forcing oneself into a certain popular image, and high art. It’s deeper spiritual dimensions call out to us and can be tapped regardless of the means if we choose to listen, if we believe, if we long for it. (more…)

In The Fire Of Grace

Clip from the DVD of: In the Fire of Grace

This clip is from the dance, Lover Embodied

Choreography and Dance: Banafsheh
Music: Babak Sharifimajd and Pejman Hadadi from their album Release
Recitation: Andrew Harvey
Poem: Rumi

Working on this piece was both challenging and rewarding. I subjected myself to the essence of what I was trying to portray. Love is like a knife that carves out the impurities and the aspects of us that don’t serve the cultivation of our true selves and certainly don’t serve the world! Love is fierce and everything that is not love surfaces in the presence of love, so we can learn to love them. I resonate deeply with the original Persian of the opening lines of this poem. (more…)