Dance of Oneness®: Call to Love | Retreat in Yalova, Turkey

7-day Dance Retreat at Mutlu Baba Cultural Center, Gokcedere, Yalova, Turkey
Featuring guest lecturer, Visionary Astrologer, Caroline Casey, and musicians


Call to love is a call to experience all as One. We’re all one. Wouldn’t it be amazing to experience this in our bodies as well as our minds? Discover how this is possible through dance and whirling in community with others. Focus on healing through dance as we journey into the Meridian system and the Chakras.

All energy we send to others in also embodied in ourselves. Call to Love is a return to love, to who we really are. Remove the barriers within ourselves through dance so we can be filled with love, and then let that love flow naturally to all other beings.

Dance, whirl and move with live music to embody love’s intoxicating yet lucid power with peaceful groundedness, sovereign and passionate engagement. Develop a keen awareness of your energy anatomy, heal, tone and sculpt your body while dancing the passion in your Heart. Transform any sensations of fatigue, depression or anxiety into lasting exuberance, joy and serenity as you put love into action in your life! Cultivate the strength to persevere in love in these extreme times of turmoil and rapid change in community with like-hearted people.

In the picturesque village of Gokcedere in Yalova, South of Istanbul, site of an amazingly large and healing natural hot springs, the sessions take place at a Dergah (Cultural Center) – a Sufi Temple of love, open to all lovers. The days are balanced with guided and free-style dance, whirling, Sufi teachings, live music and much more. There will be time to soak in the natural hot springs and explore the beaches and villages of Turkey’s beautiful Marmara region.

The workshop takes place during Ramadan a time of prayer, purification and introspection. Harness the energy of this time to purify, heal and keep an undivided focus on the Beloved and cultivate resiliency and perseverance in love.

Special Guests:
Caroline Casey, known for her unique art of astro mythological political guiding meta-storytelling, will be joining the workshop as a guest lecturer. Her unique art is presented in many multi-media venues, and you can learn more about her on her website: Coyote Network NewsSeda Seyrek Houbakht will play Saz and is joined by other musicians.

Mixed Levels. Suitable for people with some background in movement or dance, trained dancers, yoga and other movement practitioners as well as healing/medical practitioners. The only requirement is a desire to connect body and soul through movement.

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  • Gokcedere Thermal
  • Natural spring cold pool at Limak Hotel
  • Natural spring warm pool at Limak Hotel
  • Natural spring cold pool at Limak Hotel
  • View of Gokcedere from Dergah
  • Limak Hotel Dining room
  • Dance of Oneness sharing session at the Gokcedere Dergah
  • Dance of Oneness dancing at the Gokcedere Dergah
  • Dance of Oneness dancing at the Gokcedere Dergah


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36 hrs towards Dance of Oneness® Certification Program
Ubiquity University Students:
If you would like to receive 4 credits in independent study from Ubiquity University, there is an additional charge of $800 to the above rates. Email for a special link to add this fee

Important visa information for participants traveling from the US:
As of December 28, 2017, any person carrying a USA passport can apply for an e-visa online ( or purchase one at the airport upon arrival. The fee is between 20-30 USD.

Questions regarding registration and work/study: +1 310 499-7100 | Email
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Banafsheh magically unites all participants into a circle of interconnection, love, respect and caring for each other, for Gaia and our world’s well-being. That’s why I believe that her work is greatly needed in order to heal and activate as many people in as many countries as possible to help our Mother Earth to become a place of Peace and Love.
– Irina Azarova, Schweibenalp, Switzerland, 2017

By the end of the workshop, I was present in every cell and I enjoyed being a fluid body. I have been in all sorts of classes but in no class whatsoever was there the opportunity to express oneself. To move as one is called to, as one feels like and to explore deeper and deeper one’s own body language and what it says. This workshop allows that.
– Gida Hussami, Schweibenalp, Switzerland, 2017

Banafsheh: Dance of Oneness reserves the right to refuse admission and service to anyone.