Dance of Oneness®: Opening, CA

This is a 2-day introductory workshop exploring the foundations of Dance of Oneness®. Dance of Oneness® is a way of living at your full potential – rigorous, disciplined, peaceful and passionate – an active ground for self-knowledge, healing and service. You will learn technique through the inner dimensions of movement. Through full-bodied robust dancing, you will release yourself to feel free, creative and exuberant. Through a synthesis of Persian dance, Flamenco, Yoga, Tai Chi, Sufi ritual and Rumi’s teachings we integrate ourselves, harmonize with others and serve the greater Existence.

You will learn the foundations of Dance of Oneness® based in the 7 Chakras or energy centers in our body. These workshop will count towards the Dance of Oneness® Certification Program. Please bring soft-soled dance shoes or socks.