If you have trouble accessing the course content,

please follow the steps below:

After you log in, you can find the Video Courses page by navigating the following the route:

1. Hover over Dance of Oneness® Academy in the menu bar, and you will see a dropdown menu.

2. Select the option Video Courses, and wait for the page to load.

You will see the Video Courses page as shown in the screenshot below: 



1. Please check that you are logged in. One way to make sure is if you see the word Enrolled in the upper left corner of the course. If you see a price tag, it means that you are not logged in or haven’t purchased the course yet.

 2. Click on the See more… button and wait for the page to load.

3. Scroll Down a little on the Course Page until you see the Course Content title. You can click on your desired Session below.

4. To download videos, after you have clicked on your desired session, scroll down on the page until you see the section where you can see a button that allows you to download it. Please note it will open on a new tab.
We hope you enjoy the courses and reap the benefits! If you still need help, please don’t hesitate to email us.ail